VDC- The Next Generation of Construction


Building a custom home is never a simple feat. With so many details involved in the planning, design and execution, it’s easy to see how construction can become overwhelming. One key decision that is essential in easing stress and uncertainty is choosing the right builder. During the builder selection process, it is standard practice to interview several builders to ultimately choose the best candidate. One of the most common subjects we encounter during interviews with potential clients is communication.

Communication remains one of the biggest factors for success in custom home building

…but it isn’t always as easy as some would want you to believe. Building a home can be a significant investment, and you’ll rightfully want to ensure that your idea of the perfect home is replicated flawlessly in reality. However, with so many decisions, options and sometimes compromises involved in custom home building, it is not unusual to be marred with doubt, skepticism and uncertainty.

Ideally, everyone involved must share a precise end goal for your home prior to construction

…but this rarely happens due to the antiquated process and inefficient ways of managing projects that the residential construction industry has been using for decades-- Building a 3-dimensional space using 2-dimensional plans. Obviously, this method is flawed from the beginning since you and your design build team are essentially speaking two different languages.


To eliminate the grey areas associated with custom home projects, we utilize a state-of-the-art process known as Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). This revolutionary method allows us to model every aspect of a project to exact specifications in virtual reality so you can be completely comfortable in your home’s design before ever breaking ground. Further, by utilizing these tools in the field, you’ll know that everyone involved has a clear picture of the final result. Simply put, VDC allows us to communicate ideas in a way traditional blueprints simply cannot.

From the exterior painting to the plumbing fixtures, down to the furniture and interior arrangement, everyone gains a true sense of the look and feel of your home with VDC

…but those aren’t the only advantages. Studies have identified that contractors utilizing VDC have made drastic improvements across four key performance measures: time, cost, productivity, and customer experience. No matter which way you look at it, the benefits of VDC are substantial.